Why Buy a Motorcycle Chain Oiler

There are a number of different types of motorbike chain oiler you can purchase. A quality chain oiler should automatically lubricate your motorbike chain, saving you the time and trouble of doing it manually before and after each ride.

The benefits of a motorbike chain oiler are:
  • Significantly increased chain life
  • Reduced chain and sprocket wear
  • Improved fuel efficiency and performance
  • A smoother and quieter transmission

Subsequently you will reduce the time spent on chain maintenance and gain significant financial savings in replacing chains and sprockets, buying chain sprays and reducing dealer workshop time.

Check out our value calculations which illustrate the savings available from fitting a motorbike chain oiler.

Check out our install guides to find out how to install either system on your particular bike and then make your choice of the vSystem or the eSystem.

Did you know that many things affect chain wear, and the configuration of your bike engine is one of them. For comparable power outputs, smooth four cylinder bikes generally get the best out of your chain and sprockets, followed by triples, then twins and finally single cylinder bikes.

So which Motorbike Chain Lube System should I buy?

At Scottoiler we offer 2 different solutions to solve the problem of chain maintenance and wear. A vacuum operated system (vSystem), and an electronically operated system (eSystem). To find out how they work check out our technical pages. Simply put, the Scottoiler vSystem is vacuum operated and is turned on and off with the engine. The Scottoiler eSystem is motion activated, controlled with a built in accelerometer – it simply takes a power feed direct from the battery.

Additional capacity

Regardless of which Scottoiler system you choose, you can increase the on-board oil capacity allowing you to travel further between refills, with the addition of a Magnum HCR (high capacity reservoir) which fits behind the rear license plate, or a Lube Tube (a flexible reservoir which fits into any small space available on the bike).

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