Always refer to the Scottoiler Instructions

Hints and tips: We can’t stress how important it is to read the Scottoiler instructions provided with our motorcycle chain lubrication kits.

Over the years we have evolved the Scottoiler instructions to include information on how to avoid mistakes that customers have made in the past. Customer feedback has helped us improve our products and instructions, and we recommend that you take some time to read and understand them.

Looking at a variety of installation guides (not just the ones for your bike) on our website will give you some good ideas before starting the job.

With a little time and ingenuity a really neat, discreet and reliable installation can be achieved simply using the parts supplied in the kit – without any sweat!

Before installing a Scottoiler motorcycle chain lubrication kit

Before installing a Scottoiler motorcycle chain lubrication kit always refer to the model specific installation guides as some models may require special adaptors.

Any adaptors you need will be supplied free of charge by Scottoiler.

If your model isn’t listed or the image of the vacuum connection (for the vacuum kit installation) in the guide appears to be different to your bike contact Scottoiler technical support.

Pay attention to tube routing

Vacuum operated kits: pay close attention to the routing of the vacuum tubing from the engine to the reservoir location. Avoid any contact with the throttle linkages or pulleys and hot exhausts. Where possible route the tubing neatly alongside any existing sections of the wiring loom.

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