Price Per Mile Calculations – Scottoiler Running Costs
The running costs of a Scottoiler are minimal and this can be shown by the calculations below

Using the example of an eSystem with 60ml capacity (approx. 2fl. Oz) operating at one drop per minute (our recommended flow rate) and riding at an average speed of 60mph.

  • Distance travelled = 2647 miles
  • Cost of 60ml (2fl. Oz) of oil = ~ £0.83 or $1.19
  • Cost per mile = £0.0003 or $0.00045

Over a distance of 10,000 miles the running cost would stack up to £3.36 or $4.82!! Cheap at twice the price.

Our nearest competitor, at time of calculation, was 27 times more expensive per mile, which over 10,000 miles would mean a cost of over £90 or $130!

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