Why Choose Scottoiler?

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Why Choose Scottoiler?

Scottoiler automatic chain oilers are the perfect accessory for any biker doing long distances. Cross-country or riding around the world? We’ve got you covered!

Scottoiler has been working with a variety of individuals and groups and Scottoiler products are used on adventure trips all over the world: From the Arctic Circle to the most southern tip of South America, from the Sand Dunes of West Africa to the Mount Everest Base Camp, our products make sure that you are not stranded in the middle of a desert, jungle or on a mountain. Many motorcyclists have entrusted their chain maintenance to a Scottoiler system. We are delighted that so many of these customers give us incredible feedback, and are always so happy to spread the word about what the benefits of the Scottoiler are for those going touring.

Scottoiler products are the benchmark for motorbike chain lube systems and will keep your chain in perfect condition while you ride.

When you connect a Scottoiler motorcycle chain oiler to your bike you have a system that automatically gets to work when you start your engine.

Constant lubrication increases life of chain and sprockets and reduces the time spend on chain maintenance. With a Scottoiler system you can ride with the piece of mind that you get the longest possible life out of your drivetrain.

Scottoiler systems are easily installed and can be fitted to most bikes in an hour or so (2 hours tops!) – check out the bike specific install guides to find out if its suitable for yours and to see how easy it is to fit.

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Kevin Sanders – Co-Founder Globebusters

“We have ridding from London to Everest Base Camp so far and with the Scottoiler on our F800GS we have not even adjusted the chain once. Can’t fault the design and reliability. You can almost forget you have a chain on the bike. Through all the dirt, dust, mud and sand the Scottoiler has performed faultlessly”

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Andy Bonwick - Trip to the arctic circle

“We did 2000 miles of which 1600 were in filthy conditions ranging from roads covered in slush mixed with road salt to packed ice/snow. The chain stayed well lubricated throughout the trip and all it needed was a wipe over the side plates with paraffin to restore it to a state where it looks almost new.”

All chains survived the trauma and looked good when we got home.

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Mick Hoey

Mick Hoey left Denmark and a career as an Aircraft Technician in 2009 to hit the road on his Sports Bike, a 1996 Honda VFR 750. He went through Europe and travelled some of the most remote areas of Africa. Mick has done an amazing 63 000 km on the same chain through sand, mud, salt and every other kind of environment. Mick’s Bike has been through some of the dustiest areas of West Africa, including a severe sandstorm in the Western Sahara desert and in Mauritania.

“The Scottoiler got me and my bike through without any problems. I see other people travelling changing sprockets and chains or they’re always concerned about their chain” said Mick “With a Scottoiler I need minimum attention on the chain and sprockets”.

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Globebusters, the UK based motorcycle expedition company who specialising in helping you realise your adventure dreams! Scottoiler have worked closely with Kevin and Julia at Globebusters for many years, offering them our newest products to enable them and their customers to enjoy their trips instead of having to worry about chain maintenance! With the help of Scottoiler products, Globebusters was able to ride their bikes from London to Beijing and made it all the way up to the Everest Base Camp!

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Partireper - Gionata Nencini

One example of a Scottoler sponsored trip was that of Partireper (Gionata Nencini). For 8 years now Gionata has been travelling the world and has relied on a Scottoiler to care for his chain since day one! He recently created a fantastic video of his trip which we had to share with you!

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