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The Scottoiler Story. Made in Scotland. Tested in Scotland. Works all over.

The Scottoiler story stems from a manufacturer of motorcycle accessories whose main product is an automatic chain oiler. The system continuously lubricates the chain while you ride, significantly improving chain life and making maintenance much easier. It also extends chain and sprockets life and saves money on replacement parts.

There are many enthusiastic On and Off Road cyclists among the Scottoiler staff and becoming more involved in the cycle market has always been a popular and key objective. We’ve been working on different ideas since 2000 but over the last year we’ve started several projects to get the ball rolling again. With the recent boom in cycling in Britain we decided to reengineer a past product. A project with Edinburgh Napier University was launched to prove the efficiency gains made by using a Scottoiler Cycle Oiler and also evaluate the design of the product. Dr Geraint Florida-James and his team at Edinburgh Napier University have been working with Scottish Cycling for a number of years providing unique input and support for Downhill, XC, and more recently Enduro athletes, both in the lab and out on the roads and trails. ENU staff was therefore well placed to work alongside Scottoiler to redevelop the Scottoiler bicycle chain lube system.

Initial feedback highlighted that it was the system solution that was the key to product success. The testers absolutely loved the fluid that was used to lubricate the chain, cassette and derailleur. They actually poured the fluid from the refill bottles all over their bikes instead of refilling the cycle oiler system. Not only on the chain – they used it on the entire bike! They found it superior to everything else they had previously used and now it is the only product they use to lubricate and protect their bikes. Chain, cassette and drive train are perfectly lubricated over the entire ride and are considerably easier to clean post ride.

ENU therefore began running extensive field trials of the solution, with riders and racers alike testing Ultimate Bike Solution (UBS) with all that the Scottish climate could throw at them. Results from these trials proved extremely positive and use of UBS has even helped racers onto the podiums.

We've called it 'Ultimate Bike Solution'
Lubricates. Protects. Makes cleaning super easy.
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