Why Buy a Scottoiler over any other Motorbike Chain Oiler?

Scottoiler is the original and still the best when it comes to motorbike chain lube systems and this is borne out in our range of product offerings and the comprehensive nature of their installation.

There are other solutions available the world over (the most obvious of which is the can of chain lube!) but we think the Scottoiler solutions are the best for a number of reasons.

When it comes to lubing the chain, Scottoiler have years of experience in this field and our passionate staff are committed to ensuring the motorbike chain oiler solutions we provide are the best there are. We understand exactly where, how and why to lubricate a motorbike chain and this is important as the Motorbike Chain Lube needs to be applied to the right place at the right time to optimise the running efficiency of the chain. We pay great attention to the application of the oil into the motorbike chain because if you can’t get the oil from the reservoir to the right part of the chain then the system breaks down.

The Scottoiler oiling philosophy is to continuously provide a small, constant amount of oil at regular intervals. This method has been proven through 25 plus years of experience to extend chain life by up to 7 times. There is no conclusive, quantitative proof that increasing the oil flow rate with speed extends the life of the chain. A chain has a maximum capacity for holding oil and with increased chain speed this capacity is likely to reduce leading to increased fling and oil loss.

All Scottoiler systems are designed to facilitate easier chain lubrication. The method of injecting the oil into the chain is therefore very important. Dripping oil onto the chain from above will normally result in the oil not even reaching the chain due to the airflow around the bike. Scottoiler understand the importance of feeding the oil into the chain via the sprocket face to minimise waste and mess.

To save on waste, Scottoiler systems can also be refilled before a trip even if the reservoir isn’t empty. This may seem obvious, but our experience has taught us how important a feature this is. If you combine this with the cost per mile of running a Scottoiler you’ll see it’s pretty good when compared to some other products.

Check out our price per mile calculations page to find out how much the cost of ownership of a Scottoiler is

Temperature affects the performance of a chain oiling system.  Some systems claim to be independent of any temperature fluctuations, but this is true only to a point, as soon as the lubricant leaves the system and joins the transmission, the temperature becomes a very important factor.  A hot chain on a hot day will need a thicker, more viscous, lubricant to ensure the lube does its job in protecting the chain.

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