Benefits of a Scottoiler System
Scottoiler Products are an Industry Benchmark

As global market leaders in chain lubrication systems for motorcycles we often find our competitors referring to our products or brand, we have even had glowing testimonials from companies who mak competing products! If you want to see what everyone has to say about Scottoiler then check out our Testimonials page that includes features and articles on Scottoiler in the press and also customer reviews.

World-Class Customer Service from Scottoiler

We pride ourselves on our customer service, so if you need help with your system then you can contact us in a number of ways and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the information you need.

It’s always worth checking out our FAQ’s for more information

What to look for in a Motorbike Chain Lube system?

Precision of application – Scottoiler have spent years perfecting the method of applying the oil to the chain via the sprocket and if you check out the video of the stability of the injector on the sprocket you’ll see how important that is.

An injector simply dropping oil onto the chain won’t work as it is such a harsh environment to operate in, with dirt, moisture, vibration and motion in all 3 axes, not to mention the airflow.  If your injector is flailing about over the chain the likelihood of any of the lube being dispensed accurately to the chain is very slim!  This picture shows the perfect injector position on the face of the sprocket.


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