Touring Kits - Installation Advice

Installation of the touring kit should be straight forward if you follow our simple guide.

Before getting started, check out our bike specific install guides to ensure compatability.

If the Touring Kit is not suitable for your bike why not consider the Lube Tube Flexible Reservoir instead.

Note, if you have a 1997 – 2003 Yamaha Fazer 600 or a Honda Blackbird , you will need an additional bracket which is available free of charge from Scottoiler.

Here’s a link showing how to use this additional bracket.

The installation of the touring kit follows the same vacuum and dispenser procedure as the basic kit, the high capacity reservoir (HCR) sitting behind the number plate on most bikes. Sometimes it helps to tilt the HCR slightly, to allow more light to fall on it, and the number plate. Fitting on the mudguard is not recommended if the number plate light is obscured.

To fit the High Capacity Reservoir (HCR), first remove the number plate, and align the HCR centrally with the bike in the desired location. There is a drilling guide on the bottom of the kit box.

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Once the alignment is made, mark all the holes. Lift the HCR away, and look at where the holes you have marked lie on the other side of the mudguard. Often, there are strengthening ribs on the underside of the mudguard. It is easier, but not essential, to avoid these.

Drill the holes with a 6.5mm drill bit, and install the HCR, using spacers and washers as required. Remember to fit the nut protectors on the underside of the mudguard once you’ve tightened everything up. You might want to move it to a new bike one day.

When you start the engine, you should be able to see the oil in the HCR rise up the yellow tube, and flow into the RMV. When you turn the engine off, the oil in the tube should fall back into the HCR. If this does not happen, please check that the connectors, the white plastic parts that join the black filler plug to the yellow siphon tube, are fitting tightly together. If oil still does not move up the siphon tube when the engine is switched on, turn off engine, and inspect the black filler plug for any signs of damage.

When filling the HCR, remove the black plug in the end of the swivel out filler tube. It has a pin-hole in it to allow it to breath, but you can’t get oil through it easily to fill the system.

Always prime the system via the RMV, not through the HCR and NEVER use compressed air to clean any part of the system.

We advise not to pressure wash around the HCR area, as the high pressure water can enter the system and contaminate the oil, preventing the system from working properly.

We do not recommend this product for installation on any bike where it could obscure the number plate light or for Australian and US models.

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