Setting the Flow Rate for your Scottoiler

Once the Scottoiler motorcycle chain lubrication installation is complete, lightly apply some Scottoil to the chain with a brush or rag (not too much or it’ll throw off). This overall film will help any oil being dispensed to continue to flow and “creep” over the chain’s surfaces.

When the reservoir is full of oil and the delivery tubing has been primed, start your engine and let it idle. From the minimum setting (fully anti-clockwise on the vacuum kits), turn the adjuster clockwise. Hold the injector nib away from the sprocket face and time the drops of oil. Around 1 drop per minute is a good starting point.

Be aware that temperature has an effect on the flow rate. In warmer weather, you may have to reduce the flow rate as the oil thins and flows faster and in winter time it thickens and slows down, requiring that you turn the adjuster clockwise to increase the flow rate. Where the reservoir is close to a heat source (above under seat exhausts or behind the fairing), it’s best to wait until you’ve been riding for at least half an hour to allow the oil to warm before stopping and setting the flow rate. This should give you a setting that will do for most of the year.

The Scottoiler eSystem differs in its flow rate setting in that it delivers oil at the chosen rate, regardless of temperature, and it is controlled by the upfront display allowing you to adjust as you go.

Remember, when setting your “drip rate” the number visible on the display corresponds to the seconds between each drop. Therefore, a setting of for example ‘180’ would be a drop every three minutes and is the SLOWEST drip rate available.

Conversely a drip rate of ’20′ would be 3 drops per minute, and the FASTEST drip rate available.

Scottoiler recommend setting your drip rate to “60″ as a starting point, which will give you one drop per minute and can be adjusted as necessary thereafter.

And Finally...

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