Scottoiler Dispenser

Hints and tips for your dispenser: Actually delivering oil to the chain is something so many people get wrong. The oil should always be fed to the inside of the chain where it can be centrifuged outwards. We always recommend delivering Scottoil onto the face of the sprocket, with the tip of the injector nib LIGHTLY resting on the surface, being careful to avoid: the chain, any sprocket windows, the teeth and also the retaining nuts when spinning round. The slash cut at the end of the injector nib should face OUTWARDS to avoid being blocked by grit or friction from the sprocket.

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Never simply drop the Scottoil motorcycle chain oil onto the chain from above. At speed, the droplets of oil will be picked up by the negative wind pressure around this area of the bike and will be fired in all directions!

Decreasing the flow rate slightly can reduce any oil fling. Our oils have been developed specifically for use with our systems and, unlike aerosol sprays, they don’t turn into a black “chewing gum” grinding paste which sticks to everything and is impossible to get off. Scottoil from Scottoiler easily wipes off any surface making cleaning so much easier.

If you do require any additional or spare parts, you can find these in our Online Store.

Motorcycle Chain Oil Reservoir

Always locate the reservoir where it’s accessible to fill, prime and adjust the flow rate (for the vacuum kits). The more vertical it is, the more range you’ll have, although only very marginally.

This isn’t always achievable on many modern bikes, but avoid positioning the RMV completely horizontal and it should be fine. The only thing you may find is that some oil will work into the breather tube under hard acceleration, but it’s not a major issue.

If a flat, horizontal surface under the seat is your only option, packing some foam or bubble wrap under the top of the reservoir helps tilt it up to a better position where the oval shaped filter will be able to use the last drop of oil available. The filler plug should be facing upwards for easy access and to avoid any spillage when refilling. As always, avoid placing it too close to hot exhaust and engine components.


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