Troubleshooting the Vacuum Operated Kits

Having trouble with your vacuum operated chain oiler – it could be one of a number of common issues which we’ve experienced before, so why not check out the troubleshooting guide below to see if we can help solve the problem.

Difficulty in priming the system
  1. Ensure that the adjuster knob is turned fully clockwise to “PRIME” although do not force past “PRIME” marking on top of reservoir.
  2. Check that the delivery pipe hasn’t become crushed at any point eg. with cable ties, tool kit, or seat.
  3. Check the black injector at the sprocket hasn’t become blocked.
The delivery tube is draining when the bike is standing
  1. FULL LENGTH DRAINS: Check the delivery tube for a loose connection at the bottom of the RMV. Remake the connection, trimming back the old delivery tubing if possible.
  2. PARTIAL DRAIN/AIR BUBBLES: Check the delivery tube at the point where the draining goes back to in case there is a hole or split. If damaged replace tubing at this point – check out our range of spares and accessories to help with this.
The system continues to deliver oil when the engine is off
  1. Check the breather for a blockage. This can create a vacuum within the RMV that will hold the valve open. To check – disconnect the breather and run system. Attempt to clear breather by blowing slowly through (do not used compressed air!) or contact us for a replacement. Please note – do not run the system without the breather for any length of time, as the oil can become contaminated with dirt.
  2. The internal ‘O’ ring may have become contaminated with dirt and is not re-seating – attempt to clear by pumping bottle repeatedly when re-priming the system. This may dislodge dirt on the ‘O’ ring seal inside the reservoir. If this fails to solve the problem then contact us for further advice or a replacement.
  3. The internal spring may have become weakened so the return on the valve does not occur. If this is the case then contact us for a replacement.
The system will not deliver oil
  1. Check the delivery pipe for any air bubbles, crushing (or trapped points) or any splits – try priming the system again to see if this solves it and if any pipes are split or trapped then resolve this also.
  2. Check the injector at the sprocket hasn’t become blocked – if it has, you can clear it with a needle.
  3. Check the Vacuum Connection: Turn the adjuster knob to “Prime” and switch the engine on. If the valve in the oiler lifts then the vacuum connection is OK. If the valve does not lift – check the black nylon pipe and damper elbow for breaks/splits, which could cause loss of vacuum.
  4. If this is the initial installation and it will not deliver oil then check that the oiler is connected to a vacuum line. Simply remove the vacuum pipe from the RMV, switch the engine on and checking with your finger over the end of the tube for suction from the engine – on some bikes you may need to blip the throttle to achieve this.
  5. Check the Breather by removing it from the RMV, switching the engine on and attempting to run the system without it. If it delivers oil without the breather then the breather is blocked. You can attempt to clear the breather by blowing slowly through it (do not used compressed air), or alternatively contact Scottoiler for a replacement.
  6. Check for a blockage inside the RMV by disconnecting the delivery tube from the base of the RMV. The delivery pipe should then drain completely. If it doesn’t there is a blockage in this pipe and the RMV should be ok. Try clearing the black injector tube at the sprocket with a needle to see if gravity will drain the pipe. Alternatively, attempt to clear by connecting the bottle to the reservoir with the dispenser tube re-attached and pumping the bottle repeatedly as in repriming the system. This should help dislodge any dirt.
The system delivers excess oil

Turn the adjuster knob fully anti-clockwise to minimum. The system should not deliver more than 2 drops per minute at this setting. If it does, contact us to discuss the options for replacement.

The system delivers oil but it is slow
  1. The RMV can be set to any position on the dial, including ‘Prime’. If the oil is being delivered too slowly then try adjusting here first, including moving to Prime if necessary, the system will still operate normally at this setting. Continue adjusting until a delivery of 1-2 drops per minute is achieved. If the unit still doesn’t flow quickly enough try the following.
  2. Check Delivery pipe for any air bubbles in the clear delivery tube – re-prime the system to clear these. Ensure the pipe hasn’t become crushed or split at any point, if it has, resolve this first.
  3. Check the injector at the sprocket hasn’t become blocked – if it has you can unblock it carefully with a needle.
  4. Check the breather assembly is not partially blocked – to do this, disconnect the breather and run the system as normal. If the flow improves the breather is partially blocked and needs fixing by either blowing through to clear or replacing. If the flow does not improve replace breather and continue to follow troubleshooting.
  5. Check the position of the RMV as the system is a gravity system, so the higher the RMV the faster the flow. The RMV should be positioned 30-45cm higher than the dispenser nib at the chain. If your system is too low it will flow too slowly or not at all!

If you have a Magnum HCR (High Capacity Reservoir) it will naturally slow the flow slightly, but check that the cap in the swivel-out filling tube still has a small pinhole and that it is not blocked. If blocked clear with a needle.

If you have a Lube Tube and it is placed too low it will slow the flow from the RMV. Try disconnecting the Lube Tube and running the RMV as normal. If flow rates increase without the Lube Tube attached re-site the Lube Tube in a higher position and re-connect. The Lube Tube should be no more than 20cm higher or lower than the RMV.

If you have a Dual Injector it will naturally slow the flow slightly but this should not affect performance, however do check that the nibs are clear and not blocked.

Oil is flowing back up the delivery tube when the engine is started

This should not normally happen so it sounds like there could be a fault – Please contact us to arrange a suitable solution.

If you are still having a problem please contact us.

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