Troubleshooting the Touring Kit and Magnum HCR
The RMV is emptying without siphoning oil from the HCR
  1. Check that the black breather plug on the swivel-out HCR filler has a clear central hole – this is the system breather. If this is blocked then it may not draw the oil through.
  2. Check that the filler plug is flat and airtight on the RMV and that the connection at the top of the plug is attached properly (these push and twist on for an airtight seal).
If still having problems then with the engine off, prime the pipe between the HCR and RMV by
  1. Disconnect the luer at top of RMV filler plug
  2. Swivel out the HCR filler and remove the round breather plug
  3. Remove the clear tube from the spout cap on the Scottoil bottle
  4. Fit the yellow spout cap into the HCR filler tube
  5. Pump the bottle until oil fills the tube running between the HCR and the RMV;
  6. Quickly reconnect the luer into the RMV filler plug, keeping the oil in the bridge pipe to the RMV.

If this solves the problem then ensure this tube is always primed after any removal of the filler plug. Please note that when the engine is switched off the oil will always travel part of the way down the tube, back into the HCR. However, the tube should refill within 30 seconds of the engine restarting. If the pipe repeatedly empties completely back into the HCR and doesn’t refill on restarting the engine – there must be an air leak at the RMV. If this is the case then please contact us to arrange a suitable solution.

The HCR Unit is leaking

This should not normally happen so it sounds like there could be a fault – Please contact us to arrange a suitable solution.

The HCR Unit is leaking

Check out the troubleshooting page for Vacuum Operated Kits.

If you are still having a problem please contact us.

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