Scottoiler Lube Tube
How Lube Tube from Scottoiler works

The Lube Tube is a flexible additional reservoir which adds to any Scottoiler kit to increase the range on your system.

This flexible solution will fit most small spaces available making it suitable for almost any bike. It works on a siphon principle, as it attaches to the breather on your main reservoir. As the main reservoir level goes down it usually draws in air from the breather to fill the void, but with the Lube Tube connected to the breather, it siphons the extra oil instead. As it does so the lube tube gradually collapses until all the oil has passed into the main reservoir.

To refill it, simply disconnect it from the breather, attach the tube from the oil bottle and away you go. A simple and easy way to increase the range on your kit.

Please note: The Lube Tube should always be positioned on the bike either at the same height or below the height of the RMV/REP, and NEVER above.


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