Dual Injector - Twin Feed Chain Lubricator

The Dual Injector from Scottoiler is an alternative to the standard single sided injector, delivering oil onto both faces of the sprocket simultaneously. You can make the change to a Scottoiler Dual Injector simply by removing your old motorcycle chain oil injector setup and replacing with the dual injector.

The dual injector works when the oil flowing down the dispenser tube reaches the injector body and enters a small cavity within, from there the oil flows down both injector tubes to feed each side of the sprocket face.

Get more out of your Motorcycle Chain Lubrication With Scottoiler

The lubricaton principle is the same as the single injector but the dual injector offers a more accurate setup with more precise oil application for some models. Check out the installation guides to see if the Dual Injector is suitable for your bike.


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