Triumph Chain Oiler System From Scottoiler

The Triumph Tiger 800 Kit is a vacuum operated chain oiler designed to fit perfectly on the Triumph Tiger 800 and 800 XC models.  The system lubricates the chain saving significant time, money and hassle on the usual chain care ritual.

What does it do?

The system lubricates your chain as you ride, reducing manual chain maintenance and increasing chain and sprocket life.  The kit, designed specifically for one range of bikes, ensures straightforward installation achievable in approximately one hour.

What's in the box?

The Triumph Tiger 800 Kit comes complete with a Reservoir Metering Valve and Cage which can be located in various positions. The parts required for installation, including the specially tailored dispenser assembly, are included along with a bottle of Scottoil sufficient to fill the reservoir with plenty left over for refills.

How does it work?

It works using the same method as the Scottoiler vSystem, requiring a small amount of engine vacuum to open the Reservoir valve allowing the oil to feed to your chain.

How far can I go between refills?

The Triumph Kit should give between 500 – 1,000 miles of lubrication between refills depending on the flow rate of the system.

What oil does it take?

The Triumph Kit can use both Scottoil original or high temperature depending on the climate or conditions you’re riding in.  Find out more about the difference between the two Scottoils.

Download the Scottoiler instructions for the kit

Download the install guide for this product from the installation page

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